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This site serves as a showcase of my web development abilities. It's supposed to be a modern alternative to a portfolio. Portfolios linking to past work always have certain problems: They're outdated, things can break if someone else makes changes, the designs reflects the customer's choice not mine, sites are sometimes done low-cost/in a hurry. Portfolio sites are also inconvenient because you have to jump to other sites.

Here you can see all the various possible elements of a web application / web site put together. There are a lot of choices...

I always aim at creating extensible, reusable and modular code. This means I can often take code I've written earlier and adapt it to a new site's requirement, thus saving time. I also work with standards almost exclusively (the only exception being Flash™ for typographic text, media playback and file upload). This means I can always make use of a huge and constantly improving codebase from the Open Source community.

I always try to write lightweight, efficient code. However this does not mean I'm sacrificing the enticing possibilities of using effects, animations and nice eye candy. On the contrary. By using Open Source tools all the advanced content becomes lighter, more accessible and everything still behaves like a webpage should (unlike a Flash™ page).

This site is still being built, so info might be sparse in a few areas. Don't hesitate to ask though...!

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